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Lori and Max

Catherine O'Flynn

Published 5 September 2019

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'This thrilling, funny, perceptive detective story is in a class of its own.' The Times Children’s Book of the Week

'A wittily told detective story about two eccentric and endearing girls - it’s a real page-turner.' Jacqueline Wilson

Lori wants to be a detective but, so far, the most exciting mystery she has solved is the disappearance of her nan’s specs down the side of the sofa. Max is the new girl at school and Lori is asked to look after her. Max is odd. She doesn’t fit in – but then Lori doesn’t really fit in either.

When some charity money goes missing and Max disappears, Lori seems to be the only person who doesn’t think Max has stolen it and run away. Even the police don’t want to investigate and suddenly Lori finds she has a real crime on her hands.
Praise for Lori and Max
'In this masterful detective novel … a narrative of family dysfunction is cleverly interlaced with old-fashioned derring-do… she plots with the precision of Agatha Christie, turning every unexpected event into an immaculate puzzle, which the attentive reader can piece together as the story romps on. The deceptively simple plot contains meaty themes of friendship and family breakdown, beautifully observed through the eyes of two children on the cusp of adolescence… This is her first book for children, and it has all the makings of another hit.'  5 stars, The Telegraph
'Classic mystery mixes with contemporary themes … in this pacy, gripping story.' The Guardian
'Full of laughter, excitement and empathy this is the perfect pick for budding sleuths.' Children's Book of the Week, South Wales Evening Post
'The classic detective story gets a modern twist in Lori and Max… Flynn finds similarity in two very different characters, who are brilliantly drawn in brief and vivid detail.' The Irish Times
'Told in alternating chapters between the two girls, this is a beautifully written story and a tender and sensitive portrayal of a blossoming friendship between the girls despite their differences and difficulties. The challenges faced by Max in her dysfunctional family are so delicately handled and startling well-observed. There is real heart-stopping peril at the end too as the story reaches a dramatic conclusion. This is a witty, sharp and intelligent detective story - an absolute gem.' 5 stars, Books for Keeps
'This fast-paced crime adventure showcases the dynamics of an unexpected friendship and tackles some serious social issues, such as addiction, bullying, discrimination and the fluidity of the modern family. Told from the point of view of each of the girls, the story is by turns funny, sad and challenging but always engrossing and a true page-turner.' BookTrust 
'Full of wit, hope, friendship and all the clever clues and twists you’d expect from a story with 'detecting' at its core.’ Library Girl and Book Boy
'Smart, wise and full of the unexpected, this is a joy of a read. Brilliant characterisation and thoughtful storytelling.' Booklover Jo
'A fast-paced detective story that encapsulates the power of friendship in the face of serious social issues, including bullying, depression, addiction and poverty.’ Miss Cleveland’s Reading Blog