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Dragon Gold

Dragon Gold by Shoo Raynerby Shoo Rayner

£5.99 Buy now from the Firefly BuzzShop

published May 2014

First in the Dragon trilogy. Don't miss Dragon White (Sept 2015) and Dragon Red (1 March 2017).

Highly commended for the Tir na n-Og Children's Book Award 2015

Harri never wins anything. Maybe a little magic can help?

Ryan wins everything at school thanks to his very competitive dad. Harri would love to know how it feels to win, just once, but there's no chance. And then someone comes into his mother's shop. Someone almost invisible.

What would you do if there was a school competition to make a model dragon that can fly - and you had a dragon? A real, flying, fire-breathing, chocolate-loving, very unpredictable dragon.

And you can't tell anyone...


First line:

'Woah! Is that you Harri?' Megan called across the street.  'How did you get your eyeball to fall out like that?'