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Anna Mainwaring

Anna Mainwaring read The Lord of the Rings when she was seven and hasn’t stopped reading since. After studying English Literature she spent a brief time as a banker before realising this was a bad choice for someone who is number dyslexic and became an English teacher. She lives in Stockport, with her family and a very dangerous goldfish.

Anna's debut novel, Rebel With A Cupcake, was published in the USA and Canada in April 2018 with Kids Can’s Loft imprint to excellent reviews: 'Hilarious and heartfelt' Kirkus. 'Irreverent humour and marvellous characters' Amie’s Book Reviews. 'For a contemporary, enjoyable, and relatable novel for all teens, this one is a must-read' School Library Journal. Tulip Taylor, published in the UK by Firefly Press is publishing in June 2019.