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Spooky Books Perfect for Halloween

On Halloween curl up with some of our latest chilling and spooky reads to get you in the mood.

A middle-grade ghost story that really gets under your skin

'She will come for you...'

Lark needs a break. Her mother is ill, her little sister has stopped speaking and she's fallen out with her best friend. When they go on holiday to the Welsh coast for autumn half term the sisters rush off to explore. But this freedom soon gets frightening. Is there a figure in the fog? What happened at the ruined house in the woods? Why does her sister keep drawing a girl in a green dress? As the storms get wilder and events get stranger, Lark must face a long-buried secret to save her family.

A chilling contemporary ghost story from the award-winning author of Gaslight.

'Brilliant. So atmospheric, and chilling, and gripping, but with real warmth at its heart.' Kiran Milwood-Hargrave

Three dark and chilling tales for YA readers


'YA as it should be - dangerous, dark and daring. I loved it.'  CJ Skuse

A red eye blinks in the darkness; a hidden door opens to a lost crypt; a life is held in the light of a flickering flame - welcome to Three Strikes.
Step into the unknown world of The Tribe with Kasha in THE DARKNESS by Lucy Christopher; be entranced by the ghostly voices of THE TWINS OF BLACKFIN by Kat Ellis, or lose yourself in a haunting retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Match Girl' - MATCHGIRL by Rhian Ivory. Whether you like your stories dark or darker, Three Strikes is the perfect under-the-covers read!

'Zinging with youthful energy, although suffused with sadness and mystery, these eerie, compelling stories are aimed at young adults, but will cast their spell on grandparents, parents and teenagers alike.' The Lady magazine