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Blackfin Sky

by Kat Ellis


Young Adult

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Nothing Stays Buried in Blackfin...

When Skylar Rousseau falls from Blackfin Pier and drowns on her sixteenth birthday, the whole town goes into mourning — until she shows up three months later like nothing happened. Unravelling the mystery of those missing months takes Sky to the burned-out circus in the woods, and whispers of murder and kidnapping. But Sky's not the only one with secrets... there's the haunted weathervane, the enigmatic circus ringmaster, and even the mysterious Blood House.

Everyone has something to hide, but nothing stays buried in Blackfin, a town that no one visits and hardly anyone ever leaves.

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Praise for Blackfin Sky:

'A wonderful, compulsive read.' Yangsze Choo

'An engaging, richly detailed fantasy, full of magic and mystery...' Debbie Moon

Simon P. Clark blog

Luna's Little Library blog: 'Blackfin Sky has got to be one of my favourite debuts of the year.'


And here's a sneak preview from right at the beginning...

Chapter One:

Silas’ spirit had inhabited the rusting weathervane for many years. From his perch on the school roof, he watched the townsfolk of Blackfin through his empty eye socket as they buzzed through their lives beneath him, no more significant than the grains of sand piling up against the shoreline, clinging to the struts of Blackfin Pier.

To Silas, the pier looked like a single raised finger to the visiting whales which had given the town its name. It was the same pier from which a girl had fallen to her death three months earlier—or perhaps jumped, though nobody truly believed that. Either way, the ocean had swallowed her long enough to leach the colour from her lips, the breath from her lungs.

The girl — Skylar Rousseau — had been pretty enough, and not completely without brains, Silas thought. But that wasn’t the reason behind the town’s fascination with her. There was simply something other about the girl that could hold an entire town transfixed...

Silas, being somewhat other himself, had found the entire affair a little dull. Having once been the town’s pastor, he knew he ought to care a little, but now, after so much time spent gazing upon them in silence, Silas turned on his rusted axis to face the ocean.

And there she was.