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Kat Ellis

Kat grew up in Rhyl, North Wales and studied English with Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She is an active blogger and amateur photographer. When not writing, you'll usually find Kat up to no good on Twitter, playing badminton like a ninja, or watching scary films with her husband and feral cat. She speaks Welsh fluently and French badly.

Kat has had short stories published and wrote Blackfin Sky last year after trying her hand at sci-fi. Her first published novel, Blackfin Sky will also be released in the US next autumn.

'I tried to write something that wasn't too weird this time,' she says, 'but being me it didn't work out that way.'

I’d say the key ingredients for a story are a good, pacey plot, great characters, and a world you want to spend time in.'

The world of Blackfin, a small town surrounded by mountains and the sea, is certainly weird and compelling. If you walk past the wishing well, coins disappear from your pocket. And if you forget to say hello to the haunted weathervane in the town, well, then you'd better watch out... 

Find out more about Kat at or follow her on twitter at el_kat