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Ahoy there - watch out for terrific spring titles coming soon from Firefly Press!



This month sees the WORLD BOOK DAY launch of Fug and the Thumps by the wonderful Malachy Doyle:

In this thrilling ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ junior adventure, Ben, bullied by the dreaded Fug and the Thumps, runs away from home and finds himself stuck on a tiny island when his kayak floats off without him. He has to survive on the things he can scavenge from the empty holiday homes and work out a way to get rescued. As he struggles to attract attention from the shore, he has time to think over how Fug controls the school, and he eventually comes up with a real answer ... if he can only get back. £5.99


And for younger readers Joe and the Adventure Door Pirates, by Laura Sheldon, illustrated by Erica Jane Waters, and published in association with Fairydoorz, will provide hours of fun as Joe battles the pirates to save the fairy gold. £6.95






















Then in March and April come the gripping finales our our two MG/YA trilogies, The Heart of Mars and The Territory, Truth.

Third in the Lora Trilogy from Paul Magrs is The Heart of Mars: Lora, Peter and Toaster have reached the final and most dangerous stage of their quest to reunite Lora’s family and return to their Homestead on the red Martian plains. But are the Ancients of Mars friend or foe? And could the ghostly Valley of the Starships hold the key to all their futures? 


And will Noa, Raf and Jack defeat the Territory system that sends thousands of teens to their deaths each year in The Territory, Truth, a stunning conclusion to the 'unputdownable' and  highly acclaimed series, exploring fake news, education and global warming and asking: how far can you go and still be on the right side...?


'A brilliant, five-star read', Sarah J. Harris