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Great books to gift this Christmas

For our 24th and final Firefly Christmas Book Advent, our Marketing Officer, Megan Farr, tells you which books she has wrapped up under the tree this Christmas. 

Now the parties, pantos and school carols are over, we are looking forward to a cosy time in front of the fire, sharing good food, drink and gifts with the family. Books and music are always my favourite things to gift at Christmas, a chance to share the things I’ve enjoyed that year, or take a gamble with something new. I have wrapped the following books for my family this year, all bought from my brilliant independent bookshop, Griffin Books.
For the whole family
The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane, illustrated by Jackie Morris, is perfect for all ages. This beautiful hymn to nature deserves all its success and to be on the shelf of every home. I've gifted this to my 2-year-old nephew and family and to my own family!:
To encourage independent reading
Funny books with short texts and plenty of illustrations work well to help children grow confidence with reading. I’ve wrapped up these two for my 8-year-old daughter:
Books to inspire a book-loving 12-year-old girl
These are for my daughter:
Perfect for Harry Potter fans
This fun magical adventure story is for my 9-year-old nephew:
Great books to read aloud
This classic is full of charm; funny and appealing with great characters and detailed illustrations which depict community life on a small island and the independence it brings its main character. This is for my 6-year-old neice:
Which books have you wrapped up under your tree? Share your book recommendations with us.