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Christmas reading scavenger hunt


For our 22nd Firefly Christmas Book Advent, our editor, Janet Thomas, invites us to go on a Christmas reading scavenger hunt...

Time at Christmas is so precious. We want to see everyone, play all the games, walk, rest, eat… It is also a brilliant time for stories: stories to read quietly to yourself curled up in a cosy corner (possibly with crisps, that’s up to you, just a thought); stories to read together; memories to tell each other; stories to make up yourself. From Bethlehem to the North Pole, what would Christmas be without stories?  
I have been fascinated by reading challenges this year. (And we’re thrilled Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury by Jennifer Killick has just been chosen for the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge next year!) So I thought I’d make up my own for Christmas. I thought I wouldn’t make a list of books I had to read, because Christmas is a good time to be impulsive. I thought I’d make up a Christmas story scavenger hunt instead, of books I have to find, with 12 for the 12 days of Christmas. How many of these can I track down? I might find them at home, in the library, in magazines, in a shop or from friends. Then when I get them together I can see what I feel like reading or hearing, as the mood strikes me, or I might find some completely different stories as I’m looking. There are no wrong choices with stories. 
1 A story set at Christmas
2 A poem
3 A story written over 100 years ago
4 A story set in a country I’ve never been to
5 A story with magic
6 A story all my family would enjoy if we read it aloud
7 A story on the radio or on an audio book
8 A story chosen just because the cover is irresistible
9 A story by an author I’ve never read before
10 A story set near where I live - maybe a new story or an old legend
11 A funny story
12 A story with pictures
Maybe you’d like to try this too or make up your own list?