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Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas

For our 18th Firefly Christmas Book Advent, Sarah Todd Taylor, author of Arthur and Me, shares a lovely Christmas anecdote from when she was little. 

One of the Christmas books I loved as a child, and still do, was Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas. From the glossy red cover with Little Grey Rabbit decorating her tiny tree, to Squirrel looking elegant and carefree skating on the frozen lake, every page was a delight. So when, aged about 14, I saw a book in our local bookshop with Little Grey Rabbit’s house to cut out and make, I just knew I had to buy it for my little sister.

It was a little beyond my pocket money so I saved up for a few weeks, checking each weekend that it was still in the shop, and then wrapped it up and put it under the tree.
We had a wonderful time after Christmas, cutting and sticking till Little Grey Rabbit and her friends had a beautiful house to live in. My sister played with it for months. 
One day in summer my sister left the house on a chair. My brother didn’t look before sitting down and poor Little Grey Rabbit’s delicate house was squashed flat. 
And that was the end of the little house we had made, till years later my sister found a copy of the book online and bought it for her daughter (but I think really she bought it for us).