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Horatio Clare’s recommended Christmas reads

For our 17th Firefly Christmas Book Advent, Horatio Clare, author of Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot and Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds, shares his favourite stories to read at Christmas. 

My father always used to read me 'Papa Panov's Special Christmas', a magical short story by Leo Tolstoy. Papa Panov is a cobbler. His wife has died and he lives alone. One Christmas he reads the Bible before going to bed. Jesus comes to him in a dream and tells him he will visit him tomorrow, but he says that Papa Panov must be on the lookout, because he will come in disguise. The next morning Papa Panov is so excited! He looks for Jesus disguised in everyone. He sees a street sweeper, and a beggar, and a poor woman, and helps them all and many others, treating them all as if they were Jesus. He goes to bed disappointed that he didn't meet Jesus and has another dream, where Jesus tells him he was in every person he met that day and helped. 
And all children should look out for The Box of Delights by John Masefield. The wolves are running! It's incredibly exciting and beautiful and they made a very good film of it for TV when I was a child, so you should look out for that too. 
Obviously you must read Raymond Briggs' classic book Father Christmas! Even as a grown up child or as an adult the more you read it the more you see. What an artist, and what a writer is Briggs!