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For our fifteenth Firefly Christmas Book Advent, Eloise Williams, author of Elen's Island and Gaslight, brings you some very exciting news… her next MG book Seaglass will be publishing in September 2018. She is looking very happy about this announcement and so are we!

I walk on the beach every day, whatever the weather. Sometimes I don’t want to, but my dog Watson Jones has other ideas. As soon as I’m there I’m always glad he dragged me out. 
While I’m waiting for him to run around and sniff every rock, shell and piece of seaweed, I collect things. Images of the sun sparkling on the water, the sounds of the waves, the feeling of the sand beneath my feet, sea glass.
It’s a peculiar thing, sea glass. It’s made more beautiful by the years it spends being tumbled by the sea. The edges are rubbed off and it becomes smooth and jewel-like. I love wandering along on wintry days, listening to the haunting cry of the gulls overhead and the echoing turn of the tides and imagining who held these pieces of glass before they were tossed aside. What were they used for? Where have they been? 
Out there on the beach, on a very misty day, I began to weave a salty, windswept ghost story. I’m so excited that I’m going to be able to share it with you! 
'She will come for you.'
Lark struggles to settle when her Roma family moves to a new site by the sea. Her mother is ill, her little sister Snow isn’t talking and she has fallen out with her best friend. She distracts herself looking for sea glass on the foggy beach. But is someone following her? Who is the figure that Snow keeps drawing, the girl in green? Do the locals who tell them to leave the site just hate travellers, or is there something about the history of the beach that Lark needs to find out? A story that perfectly combines the chill of a ghost story with the warmth of a family tale about standing up for each other and being brave.