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Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury

Jennifer Killick 

Published May 2018

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Selected for the Summer Reading Challenge 2018

#PrimarySchoolBookClub pick June 2018

Catching the school’s runaway guinea pigs is not really giving Alex job satisfaction, but how can he find a bigger test for his and Jess’s awkward superpowers? Jess is more worried about the bullied new boy, whose Mum runs the local animal sanctuary. To befriend him she gets a voluntary job there, but she soon realises that something is very wrong; the animals are terrified. People start reporting strange events: things missing, property destroyed, and the local squirrels have turned mean. The police have no suspects. It looks more and more like a job for Agent Alex... 


Praise for Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury:

'What a page turner! The terrible twists in this book will keep children guessing until the end... An innocent, funny and exciting read, with characters you wish you could be friends with.' BookTrust

'Furry Fury is the second book in this terrific and genuinely hilarious series … a worthy selection for the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge.' Previewer’s Pick by Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller

'Cracking adventure full of daft stunts, villainous villains and one far-too-cute hedgehog.’ James Nicol

'A non-stop, action packed, laugh out loud adventure that will keep you turning the pages until you’ve devoured the whole story.' bookloverjo

'Exploring friendship, both the human and the animal kind, Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury is snortingly good fun.’ My Book Corner

'Like Dr Doolittle meets The Godfather... this is a raucous, rip-roaring return for Alex and Jess that sees them back to their bad-A best!' Mr Evans

'Alongside how much the book made me laugh, Alex and Jess`s new mission ensures it`s super-fast paced, packed full of tension and full to the brim with excitement. 5/5' Golden Books Girl


Praise for Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink

Selected for the Summer Reading Challenge 2017

Longlisted for the Shrewsbury Big Book Award 2018

'A brilliantly bonkers, side-splitting, superhero story.' M.G. Leonard

'Stuffed full of humour, mystery and the unexpected, this hilarious adventure is a laugh-out-loud extravaganza of a read.' Booklover Jo

'Had me in giggles the whole way through.' Hellopipski’s Blog
'An irresistible combination of humour and heart.' Big Book Project
'a very funny story full of suspenseful moments.' Primary Times
‘This is a hilarious, exciting, fun read, and it is filled to the brim with great characters. Alex is confident, smart and completely unself-aware, while Jess is straight-talking, unique and incredibly brave. There are laugh-out-loud moments throughout the book, which make you hope this is only the beginning of a fantastic new series.' BookTrust
'Laugh your socks off with this brilliantly funny fantasy adventure from a debut author whose passions are writing and running.' Lovereading4kids