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Half Price Halloween Sale #SpookyTalesFromWales

To help you get into the spirit of Halloween we are selling some of our spooky stories at half price including free P&P when bought through the website until 1 November 2017. 

To order select the books in the drop down menu above and add to the cart. 


Other spooky reads that will get under your skin are ghostly sci-fi novels Alien Rain by Ruth Morgan, a futuristic story of giant killer dragonflies and human ghosts and The Martian Girlsequel to Lost on Mars by Paul Magrs, which continues the epic adventure story of the intrepid Lora who is investigating the disappearance of humans amid the Martian ghosts who haunt the strange and spooky world of the City Inside. Haunting YA thriller The Boy Who Drew the Future by Rhian Ivory is a gripping contemporary/historical story of witches and water told across the present day and the 1850s as the lives of two cursed boys come together across time.