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Sophie Finds a Fairy Door

by Laura Sheldon

Illustrated by Erica Jane Waters

£6.95 available to order here

Published March 2017 in association with Fairydoorz

'Tea-cup trains and tiny friends, fairy dust and more,

Come and see what Sophie finds through the fairy door.'

Tidying her teddies, Sophie finds a secret fairy door hidden in her skirting board. Before she knows it she is flying through fairyland, where she is just in time to save the fairies' day.

A magical first book in the 'Adventures though the Fairy Door' series, complete with collector cards, bookmarks and fairy-finding game! 

When Sophie moves her teddies, she finds a magical fairy door in the skirting board. Bella the fairy flies in and takes her to fairyland – with the help of some fairy dust. After flying through fairyland they catch the tea-cup train home again – but it won’t go and no amount of fairy dust will help. Thank goodness Sophie has the answer and saves the day!

Also available in Welsh: Sophie a’r Drws Tylwyth Teg