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by Huw Davies

Published May 2016

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FINALIST Heart of Hawick Children's Book Award 2017, Junior Fiction Category

Fourteen-year-old 'model pupil' Davidde (his parents had trouble spelling) lives with his dad after his mother died. His father does his best, but when a new headteacher starts at his south Wales valleys school, Davidde is unfairly labelled a troublemaker. To the horror of his teachers, Davidde finds a new passion for mortorcycle scrambling. At last he is able to take on the school bullies, earning himself the longed-for respect of his father, not to mention the mysterious Black Rider. But when his determination to succeed leads him to betray the trust of those closest to him, events threaten to overwhelm Davidde...

'There’s a great sense of place in this small-town Welsh setting, and the dialogue is natural, making the Welsh accent sing out as you read it. The book is warm-hearted and funny, and should appeal to both boys and girls.' Books for Keeps
'Huw Davies’ Scrambled is fast-paced and funny; and it realises the author’s ambition of providing a 'daft book for boys'. Davies draws on his experience as a secondary school English teacher in south and west Wales to create some hilarious characters and lively dialogue.' New Welsh Review 
Dyma stori antur fywiog llawn digrifwch am fwlis, teulu, teyrngarwch a beiciau sgramblo wedi ei lleoli yn Ysgol Maesunig yn un o gymoedd y de. 
Mae’r ‘disgybl perffaith’, pedair ar ddeg mlwydd oed, Davidde (roedd ei rieni’n cael trafferth sillafu) yn byw gyda’i dad ar ôl colli’i fam. Mae ei dad yn gwneud ei orau, ond mae y prifathro newydd yn cyhuddo Davidde o fod yn grwt trafferthus, wedi iddo  ddatblygu angerdd am sgramblo beiciau modur. Drwy rhagori yn ei hobi newydd mae Davidde yn mynd i’r afael â bwlis yr ysgol,  ennyn parch ei dad ac yn datrys dirgelwch y Marchog Du. 
Mae’n  gyfrol fydd yn apelio at fechgyn ond yn cynnwys merched penderfynnol a stori sydd â pherthynas tad a mab yn galon iddi.