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Happy Christmas from Firefly Press

Just a few days to go before Christmas and it's wonderful to be able to welcome you to Firefly's new website!

We hope there'll be something here for everyone to enjoy over the holidays, news on our books, games, reviews, puzzles and activities for kids and parents.

Straight from one of our first books, The Flying Bedoom, we have Mr and Mrs Snowman festive gift tags to make. Or why not try out a little Bubble Trouble from our games on the Dragonfly pages! And read our first review, one reader's take on the Hunger Games, here.  And if you get any great books for Christmas you want to tell us about, or any info on your favourite book, just send your review, name, age and a pic to

A year ago Firefly didn't exist, now we're busy working on a list of up to eight books to bring you in 2014. So it's been a thrilling year and a huge thanks to the many, many friends and wellwishers who have helped us get this far.

After fizz and Dragonfly cakes at the Hay Festival back in June, the biggest moments for me were opening an attachment and finding the first pages of our stunning YA thriller Blackfin Sky, by Kat Ellis - and then crossing everything until we were able to sign her! The same goes for our brilliant authors and illustrators: Dan Anthony, Shoo Rayner, Heather Dyer, Chloe Douglass and Huw Aaron! And there there was choosing our lovely Firefly and Dragonfly logos, from designer Laura Fearn Baker, who was the first person unlucky enough to sit in front of me at a speed-dating event for authors and publishers at the University of Glamorgan many months ago. And of course news that we were going to be able to publish our Dragonfly series for seven to nine year olds, with huge thanks to the Welsh Books Council.

The Firefly Children's Book Prize 2014 has also been great fun. We asked for primary school readers set in Wales, and we were delighted with the many great opening chapters we've received. Myself and two of Firefly's board members, authors Catherine Fisher and Francesca Rhydderch, will be spending the festive season following the adventures in the five shortlisted titles, and choosing our first winners, to be announced in the New year. Can't wait to put my feet up with a mince pie and cup of coffee to enjoy more of these stories. With luck that'll be on Christmas Eve, just about the time those reindeer are landing on the roof.

So we're looking forward to 2014, when we'll be bringing you our first books and the chance to meet our authors at festivals around the UK and maybe even in your school, library or after-school club. If you'd like to find out more about Firefly, or have any ideas for us, contact us here, or email, twitter @fireflypress, And hope to see you next year!

Penny Thomas, Publisher