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Writing A Mystery

Sharon Tregenza, author of The Shiver Stone, wrote this piece for us on one kind of story she really loves - a mystery.  How does she keep us turning the pages?



The Shiver Stone, my Middle Grade novel published by Firefly Press, is a mystery.

It’s true﹣mysteries are a challenge to write. You have to create an intriguing puzzle, weave in a number of clues and scatter some red herrings. You also try to take the story in more than one direction so that you have the possibility of several different endings. 

Everyone loves mysteries. If you get the clues and guess right – you’re chuffed that you’re as clever as the main character. If you don’t, you’re pleased with the ‘Gotcha’ ending.

The Shiver Stone follows a feisty girl and an unusual boy fighting danger in the beautiful setting of the Pembrokeshire coastline. The secrets, at the heart of the story, draw the reader into a fast-paced adventure with a terrifying climax. 

Can you solve the mystery of The Shiver Stone?