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Which Knight of the Round Table Are You?


Which Knight of the Round Table Are You?



Sarah Todd Taylor, author of Arthur and Me, which features King Arthur and his knights as never seen before, has written this wonderful quiz for us, so you can answer that vital question: which of the knights of King Arthur's Round Table are you?  (Illustrations by Peter Stevenson)


   1) Your best friend is throwing a birthday party. You spend the week before:


a)  helping them plan. You’re already busy, but they need you.

b)  planning your outfit – you only have seven days and you need to look your best.

c)  making them a card, a cake, a handmade present.

d)  practicing your best jokes and writing a poem or two – they’ll need entertainment.


2) A friend is feeling low, so you:


a) give them a hug and a listening ear.

b) give them a makeover – it’ll cheer them up.

c) draw them a picture of something cheerful.

d) fall flat on your face to make them laugh!


3)  Your school is holding a bicycle jousting tournament. What is your biggest worry?


a) Your best friend. They are worried about not doing very well and you’re busy trying to encourage them.

b) Your outfit – where on earth are you going to find an authentic doublet?

c) The bunting you volunteered to help your teacher make – will there be time to design the advertising leaflets and the posters too?

d)  Whether you have enough whoopee cushions to put on everyone’s bicycles.


4) What is your idea of a fantastic meet up with your friends?


a) Just chatting about school and discussing your favourite books and games?

b)  Late-night shopping.

c)  A winter get-together when you can build the biggest snowman ever.

d) Going to the cinema to see the latest comedy 


5) What would your friends say is your best feature?


a) Your loyalty.

b) Your style.

c) Your creativity

d) Your sense of humour.


6) What are you hoping to get for Christmas?


a)  A really good book to curl up with.

b) Those awesome boots you’ve had your eye on.

c)  Some art materials

d) A joke book.


7) What do you want to be when you are older?


a) Teacher or writer

b) Model or designer

c) Games designer, artist or architect

d)  Comedian, actor or entertainer

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