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'The Night Before Christmas'

For our second Firefly Christmas Advent treat, Ruth Morgan, author of Alien Rain, shares her favourite poem she likes to share at Christmas...

The Nightingale of Planet 12


A haunting and beautiful scifi short story for Christmas by Paul Magrs, author of Lost on Mars, The Martian Girl and The Heart of Mars, coming in March 2018. 


Christmas Books by Sarah Todd Taylor

When I was young, Christmas was always a time for books. Presents would be opened first thing in the morning, with books passed round from hand to hand so that each family member could read the back cover and comment on how much fun they were going to be to read. After lunch, before we sat down to a marathon boardgame, my brothers and sister and I would curl up around the house and make a start on one of our new books.

Customs and Kindness by Eloise Williams

I’ve always loved Christmas. I love the twinkling lights on the tree, the scent of pine and cinnamon, singing carols by candlelight and cwtching up around a log fire to read a gorgeous book. 

White Petals word search

Thank you to Sharon Howell, who not only gave White Petals by Maria Grace a lovely review, but also made a wordsearch for it.  The wordsearch and review is on Maria's website:  It's such a lovely present to give a writer - thank you so much, Sharon.  

Kat Ellis at Edinburgh

Firefly authors Paul Magrs (Lost on Mars), Shoo Rayner (Dragon Gold) and Kat Ellis (Blackfin Sky)

YALC and ComiCon 2015 by Paul Magrs

(Paul Magrs has very kindly let us put his blog about YALC on our blog as well. You can read more of Paul's blogs, and see his wonderful artwork, on his blog Life on Magrs here. Congratulations to everyone at Booktrust for an amazing few days, and thanks to Paul and our other authors, Kat, Sarah and Rhian, who attended.)

Special Easter Offer!

Special Easter Offer!! 

The Chicken of Doom

Sarah Todd Taylor has written a wonderful exclusive story based on characters in Arthur and Me.  

The Knights of the Round Table (who are not all quite as noble as you might have been told) always play a trick on Merlin on his birthday.  What will they do this year?  SQUARK!!  

Click here for a pdf of the story to keep.  Thank you Sarah!

Heather Dyer - Why I Can't Live without Books

Why I can't live without books - Stories of Flying

Heather Dyer